Twenty years after the events of 'Colony', humankind has settled it's first home around a foreign star. The first generation that has never known any other world has come of age. They are looking to make their mark on the new world and challenging themselves to greater heights than their forebears.

The society has matured with the multiple artificial intelligence machines that paved the rough road towards sustainability. A.I. is now so deeply ingrained in the social fabric that dispensing of it would be impossible. Within machine-dominated society, every thought is public, every action is recorded, and the most minute details of citizen's lives are inspected and analyzed by machine administration. However, the loss of privacy is offset by tremendous new human abilities,  benefits, and the promise of immortality.

However, not everyone accepts a machine-governed utopia. There are some who would happily smash the upstart programs and build a world in their image. These early attitudes have organized and separated the settlements on the new world as it struggles to develop past survival to thriving.

In the middle are opportunists happy to use whatever provides an advantage.

Follow the first generation of colonists and their descendants as they try to find their way.

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