Cradle of the Sun

One hundred and fifty-three years after the Diomedes departed Earth orbit for an as-yet-undetermined star, the settlers of Marin have returned to their home world to explain their actions and press their concerns about integration of the two star systems.

Robbie, the only member of the original crew to join the diplomatic team, departs early to get a broader view of Earth's intentions than they might hope for along official channels. Antimatter has grown since little Diomedes' day. What was once a niche power product has become the dominant form of energy for humankind. Humanity's voracious appetite for power has spawned a cottage industry of independent suppliers providing disposable matter to be consumed and converted to anti-matter operating mostly in the outermost fringes solar system. Robbie becomes an ice prospector working one of many crews harvesting the remnants of the solar system's primordial cloud. It is a lawless and dangerous place.

Robbie is approached by a businessman whose sibling has set out past the edge of the solar system looking for a mythological predecessor to the Sun. The businessman presses Robbie into a rescue mission that turns out to be much more than they intended.

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