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In the near future mankind has successfully expanded throughout the solar system. Having permanent settlements on the inner and outer solar planets, humankind looks to create a home around an alien star. One thousand humans have volunteered for the one way trip to the new world, assisted by state of the art machine intelligences. Disasters, natural and human made, disrupt the carefully laid plans and force the settlers to reconsider their relationships, and their relationships with the machines that serve them.

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Twenty years after the events of 'Colony', humankind has settled it's first home around a foreign star. The first generation that has never known any other world has come of age. They are looking to make their mark on the new world and challenging themselves to greater heights than their forebears.

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Cradle of the Sun

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Robbie is a prospector, a spy, and a veteran explorer of the deep. When a businessman hires him to search for a lost relative beyond the edge of the solar system in search of a myth, Robbie and his crew embark on a voyage beyond their expectations.

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