‘First Contact’ out at Amazon.com

The fourth book in the Colony series, documenting events taking place on Earth 2289 AD, is now available for purchase and download at Amazon.com

Fred Tighe invests in moonshots – astoundingly expensive projects that have little chance of success, but promise great rewards. Introduced to a mysterious message buried in the background noise of the universe, Fred and company dig deep to reach a universe unlike anything they could imagine.

What Does a Dolphin See?

Dolphins, whales, bats, and other animals are known for having a complex ability to emit sound in the darkness of the night or the black depths of the ocean, somehow illuminating that dakness. What does echo imaging of familiar objects look like?

In 2015 a group of researchers at SpeakDolphin.com attempted to construct an image of a diver, among other objects.


You may have read of heard about this stuff already. It's a spray-on plastic coating that lends a very impressive amount of strength to whatever it's sprayed on.

Superlight Aerogel

Aerogel is an amazing material. You can purchase samples of it online for a reasonable price. In compression, it is about as strong as tightly packed sand. When they say it reacts poorly to moisture they aren't kidding - it will melt as you breathe on it, or leave behind a fingerprint from the moisture in your fingers. I showed the sample I purchased to the kids and within a minute of experimenting there was nothing left.

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