Faster than Light Travel with the Alcubierre Drive

This is a very nice introduction to what you might call a modern warp drive by the very person who came up with the idea.

Problems of energy have been mitigated by an idea of oscillating changes to space, which reduces the requirement to make a bigger change. The ability to create something resembling Alcubierre's field was described by NASA in Warp Field Mechanics 101 and Warp Field Mechanics 102

There are still some things that need to get discovered for this to work as a faster-than-light technology. it presupposes the truth of an idea proposed in Einstein's time by a man named Nathan Rosen, that the compression of space and time is a new dimension of space, and not just some characteristic of the existing 3+1 dimensions. If this extra physical dimension. This dimension must exist for wormholes and the Alcubierre as a faster-than-light device.

Even if this isn't a faster-than-light drive, it is a great way to reach high speeds without the harmful effects of acceleration on the crew.


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