Sci-Fi September

If you’re a science-fiction fan, you may enjoy Science Fiction September. The event is being organized by author Lara Storm Hitchcock.

Every day in September will feature a newly released science-fiction novel each day in the month of September. During the featured day, the author will be available for questions. Also, there will be several free giveaways.

  • Saturday, September 1st: Joshua Johnston, Chronicles of Sarco
    • Discussion with features authors
  • Sunday, September 2nd: David Asbury, No Road Among the Stars
  • Monday, September 3rd: Like Herding the Wind
  • Tuesday, September 4th: Galactic Mandate
  • Wednesday, September 5th: James McLellan, Singularity
  • Thursday, September 6th: Minaverse
  • Friday, September 7th: The Otherworld Series
    • Giveaway registration ends for signed copy of D.G. Lamb’s The Deepest Cut
  • Saturday, September 8th: The Vortex of Eire Series
  • Sunday, September 9th: Counterweight Maneuver
  • Monday, September 10th: Brokerah Brumley, Three
  • Tuesday, September 11th:
  • Wednesday, September 12th: The Darktrench Saga
  • Thursday, September 13th: Dekker’s Dozen
  • Friday, September 14th:
  • Saturday, September 15th: Courage
  • Sunday, September 16th: Apologetics Fiction
  • Monday, September 17th:
  • Tuesday, September 18th:
  • Wednesday, September 19th:
  • Thursday, September 20th: Katherine Dennard, Destiny by Design
  • Friday, September 21st:
  • Saturday, September 22nd:
  • Sunday, September 23rd:
  • Monday, September 24th:
  • Tuesday, September 25th:
  • Wednesday, September 26th:
  • Thursday, September 27th:
  • Friday, September 28th:

Here’s a link to the Sci-Fi September page of Facebook.



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