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Thank you for everyone who read an early copy, provided feedback, or just provided encouragement. ‘Singularity’ is now available in paperback and e-book on Amazon.

The story picks up three generations after the main story in Colony ends. It focuses on Elise, a minor colonist character from Colony, now a grandparent. Settled, and seemingly happy, she encounter a group of refugees from the dominantly lower tech settlement of Bellevue to the east, which causes her to explore past the edges of her settlement.

What I wanted to explore in Singularity was the idea of the technological singularity. It’s this idea that at some point machines must become smarter than people, and we will either: go to war, die off, or evolve. In Colony, the answer was that people have to evolve. Evolved to be extremely smart, shouldn’t the problems that we have go away also? I wanted to explore that in this book, and it picks up scenario’s from much better works by Victor Hugo and Charles Dickens, tries to apply them to a high-tech environment, and explores how the outcomes might change.

Anyway, I hope you like it! I’ve already started the third one, which will begin with the diplomatic mission briefly mentioned in Colony and Singularity and, I hope, go to some neat places from there.


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