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Step into the shoes of an early chemist. Recover reagents from rocks, distill essences from powders, brew preparations for magical effects, and save the world!

The Master has retired, turning over his recipes and reagents to the young Apprentice. He has warned his student about a terrible calamity that the stars tell is coming for the land. The Apprentice has read tales about a mystic City in the Clouds. In the City, it is told, every mystery is revealed. The Apprentice has set his sights on this City, hoping he may avert the coming trouble.

Beneath the Crystal Sea

A D&D 5th Edition campaign setting in a fantasy South America.

Abri is a world that draws distant visitors to it's shores. Gods answer the prayers of not just the faithful, but any mortal willing to ask. They scheme against the elemental titans, and play complex plots beyond mortal understanding. Beneath the Crystal Sea is a campaign setting for d20 5th Edition rules. It includes 26 unique nationalities, fourteen playable species, rules for political intrigue, massed combat, and scaled play far past level 20 for a unique game play experience.